Ioana Schiopu from Romania

Department of Economics at ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain.

Name: Ioana Schiopu, PhD
Postal Adress: ESADE Business School
Av. de la Torre Blanca, 59
E-08172 Sant Cugat
Current position: Assistant Professor at ESADE Business School, Barcelona

Ioana Schiopu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at ESADE, Barcelona. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Indiana University, Bloomington. As she originally comes from Romania and has finished her B.A. in Economics/International Business at Babes-Bolayi University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, she will serve as an external advisor with expertise on the Eastern European Countries, with special focus on the Romania. Her main research interests include the economics of human capital, for example the macroeconomic effects of higher education funding policies and questions on the skill-biased technological change. Under the title “Political Economy of Education Funding” she has contributed (with Gerhard Glomm and B. Ravikumar) to a chapter of the Handbook of the Economics of Education edited by Eric Hanushek, Stephen Machin and Ludger Wößmann. Schiopu’s theoretical expertise on the economics of education, together with her very good knowledge of the Romanian education system, is an enrichment for the network.

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