Assenka Hristova, Industry Watch Group

Industry Watch Group, Sofia, Bulgaria

Name: Assenka Hristova
Postal Adress: 11 Modest Musorgski Str.
1504 Sofia
Current position: Managing Partner at Industry Watch Group

Assenka Hristova is Master of Science in Finance with more than 18 years of experience in economic research and economic policy advice. Her main areas of expertise include macroeconomic analysis and social studies, economics of education, early childhood development with focus on Roma, social inclusion, labour market economics and impact assessment of government policies with focus on education and labour market. She has extensive experience in different projects related to efficiency and effectiveness of educational system, monitoring and assessment of different government programs in education, introduction of student loans in Bulgaria, consultancy support for development of data base for the schools in Bulgaria, early childhood development, data collection, analysis and evaluation of employment, forecasting for mid-term and long-term labour market developments, drafting policy proposals for improving employability and quality of labour force, comparative study of public financing of education in the new EU member states, etc. She is also actively involved in several projects related to provision of support for public policies aiming at alleviating poverty and integrating vulnerable ethnic minority groups and impact assessment of social inclusion policies and programs. Hristova has significant experience in designing economic development planning policies, as well as in drafting regulations and advocacy. She is co-author of a study of the fiscal impact of EU migrants in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. Since 2004, she is Managing Partner of the highly respected Bulgarian economic think-tank Industry Watch Group.

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