George Psacharopoulos from Greece

Former London School of Economics and the World Bank.
Regional Coverage: Greece, Cyprus

Name: Prof. George Psacharopoulos, PhD
E-Mail Adress:
Regional Coverage: Greece, Cyprus
Recent Position: Visiting Professor of Economics at the University of Athens
Area of Expertise Education and economic development

George Psacharopoulos is known world-wide for his major contributions to the development of the economics of education. After receiving his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago, Psacharopoulos taught at the Universities of Hawaii and Chicago and at the London School of Economics before moving to the World Bank, where he has been Senior Advisor to the Vice President, Human Capital and Operations Policy, Chief of the Human Resources Division and Chief of the Education Research Division, among others. Psacharopoulos conducted policy dialogues at the highest level with the governments of several countries and served as a consultant to many international organisations, including the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, the United States Department of Labor, UNESCO, OECD and ILO. He was awarded the Outstanding Scholarship Award of the Comparative and International Education Society, of which he later also was Executive Director, is listed in the Who's Who in Economics: A Biographical Dictionary of Major Economists, was the Honorary Editor of the International Encyclopedia of Education and held the Lauwerys Lecture 1992 of the Comparative Education Society in Europe. He is an Associate Editor of the Economics of Education Review, Founding Editor of the World Bank Research Observer and acted as a Guest Editor for several education journals.

Psacharopoulos can look back at over 40 years of academic and operational work in educational planning, manpower training, cost-benefit analysis of investments in education, school financing, poverty assessments and education project design and evaluation. He contributed to the theoretical and empirical international literature in these fields by means of over 300 publications, many of which appear in reading lists for courses in economics, education and sociology. He has written or edited more than 30 books and monographs on the economics of education, including the encompassing Encyclopedia on Economics of Education (Psacharopoulos 1987). His journal articles have been published by countless journals, including the Journal of Political Economy, the European Economic Review, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Review of Economic Studies and several articles in the Journal of Human Resources, the Economics of Education Review and Education Economics. His works got over 600 citations in the Social Sciences Citation Index. Psacharopoulos will cover Greece and Cyprus for the geographical purposes of the network.