EENEE Mandate

EENEE’s mandate is to give policy advice to the European Commission, to disseminate knowledge on the economics of education in Europe, and to further research in the economics of education in Europe.

Policy Advice

EENEE aims to contribute to the improvement of decision-making and policy development in education and training in Europe. The network advises and supports the European Commission in the analysis of economic aspects of educational policies and reforms. It aims to disseminate existing European knowledge on economics of education to the Commission, pinpoint the gaps that there are in the European knowledge, and advise the Commission on how to work towards closing these gaps. Against the background of the goals for the European Union set out in the Lisbon Agenda, the key role that education and training will have to play in the future economic and social development of Europe is evident. High-quality policy advice by leading researchers and centres in the field of economics of education may thus contribute to an effective and efficient accumulation of skills and human capital in Europe.

Knowledge Dissemination

EENEE also aims to disseminate the existing knowledge on the economics of education in Europe to the interested public. For this purpose, the network set up this website on economics of education in Europe, which serves as an information device also for journalists, practitioners, policymakers, and other interested people. The website provides quick and easy access to information on recent policy-relevant research in the economics of education, as well as on experts in different countries and in different areas of the economics of education. It is hoped that this can contribute to a high-quality coverage of topics in the economics of education and to well-funded knowledge on the economics of education among the European people.

European Research Area in the Economics of Education

In serving as a think tank on European economics of education, the network hopes to contribute to creating a true European research area in the economics of education, establishing centres of excellence on economic aspects of education. EENEE is dedicated to creating an exchange platform for education economists in Europe, as well as an easily accessible information device for policymakers, journalists, and other people interested in the economics of education in Europe. It is particularly hoped that the undertaking can contribute to extending the empirical knowledge in the field relevant for the European countries. This would feed into the big opportunity provided by European – as opposed to national – research, in that cross-country European research enables the exploitation of institutional variations between the European countries in order both to analyse potential underlying reasons for differing performance and to learn from each other in terms of revealed best educational practice.